Fo Fera has just dropped her new video for the song titled ‘Honey, Are You Broken’ as an exclusive premiere right here on Jammerzine! This is her second single and very first video and we are proud to show it right here. To listen to this track is to know a piece of Fo Fera. A very powerful and sacred piece.

Healing is a tumultuous process. And we’ve all been there. But, for some people, the light at the end of the tunnel comes through creative expression. That can be both a documentation and a process in which the heart can harden as well as heal. And that is what I believe Fo Fera is doing with ‘Honey, Are You Broken’. In fact, this song brought a tear to my eye before I read her biography (below). Fo Fera may not know it but she wears her heart on her sleeve with this track and video. Like a beautiful rainbow at night, you may not be able to see it, but, that beauty is still there. Just because it’s in the dark doesn’t mean its any longer beautiful. ‘Honey, Are You Broken’ is the sunrise that sheds light on that beauty with a wonderful song that can warm the heart and a video that will please the senses.

Honey, Are You Broken was written over five years ago. For so long, this song was too painful to perform live. At the time this was written, I was trapped between four walls with an ex I could not escape, who was losing themself to a battle with substance abuse. I was in love with another, who revealed his true love was to another man. Despite all of my pain, my inability to cry, let alone express sadness was excruciating. The only way to get it out was to write.
– Fo Fera

About Fo Fera

Fo Fera is a multilingual singer-songwriter who uses her unique perspective and deeply personal lyrics to guide her audience through despair, heartbreak, and ultimately, triumph. Inspired by the emptiness and turmoil she hides, Fo Fera pours honesty into her lyrics, comforting and captivating her fans with her sadness.

Songwriting for over a decade, Fo Fera has been a closet musician for most of her youth. Struggling from severe overthinking and a crippling fear of success, it was only recently that she decided to challenge her inner thoughts. Fo Fera is a self-taught guitarist and sings in eight languages.

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As a storyteller, Fo Fera writes love ballads, a musical storyteller. She finds inspiration on lone walks in nature, reflecting on heartbreak, emotions, and living in different eras. Her music expresses emotions from different tumultuous relationships. By over-sharing, she connects us to our darkest emotions. She believes music, fashion, and impacting visuals are all parallel.

Poetry flows through my veins. It is my dream, my creative expression. My dream is to create and to lift those who are feeling as low as I feel at the darkest hour. Music heals our wounds, it brings us together, it brings us joy, and is our safe place. I write from the dark places where my mind tries to escape and hide. It helps me grieve, and heal, as I grieve slower than most. I would like to create a safe space for everyone. Your own personal escape. Welcome to your escape.
– Fo Fera

Featured image by Jenna Rae.