Songs with feeling are becoming more and more a rare commodity nowadays. That’s why it’s so refreshing to here “The Line” by Fond of Rudy. While staying catchy, melodic, and tight in its execution while remaining heartfelt, “The Line” also gives the listener the pleasure of knowing that Fond of Rudy is here to make the statement that the new indie is every bit as relevant as everything before it. Well done!

About Fond of Rudy
Fond of Rudy is an indie-pop 4 piece band based in Brighton and London.

The songs are developed from a heartfelt core, washed with stylistic references from 80s icons and revived to a state of modernity through contemporary production. The music attempts to encapsulate a feeling, an emotion, or a state of mind rather than simply a mindful melody.

Matt from the band says: “This is what we do, we create music. It’s what we get the most enjoyment out of, we love playing and performing…and if audiences enjoy what we are doing, even better!”

The band has been going for a couple of years, developing and experimenting with various styles and members. It was only in January of this year that all the groundwork laid down previously equated to make this formation. They’re now ready to unleash the Fond of Rudy beast!

Matt (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
Ross (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Otto (Bass/Backing Vocals
Si (Drums)

“Outrageously catchy pop songs, things that linger in the imagination and burrow ever-more-deeply.”

“Layering angelic backing vocals on top of the crisp indie melody provides an insight into the band’s blend of genres.”
Popped Music

“Summery jangly pop, catchy beats and lustrous guitar sounds.”
Little Indie Blogs

“Sunshine-drenched indie.”
Wonderland Magazine

“The song’s theme is frustration, figuring out the time to draw ‘The Line’ on a relationship when being lead on.”
On “The Line”

5th November – Tram & Social, London
12th November 2016 – Printers Playhouse, EASTBOURNE