Goldnwolf creates a modern anthemic soundtrack to positivity in the form of their new track titled “Lone Wolf”. The song is a total sing-a-long hook from start to finish that, in combination with the video, create an uplifting social soundtrack to raise the spirits of any lost soul. Bravo!

About Goldnwolf
Goldnwolf was created in a city that keeps you indoors and breeds creativity. Seattle, Washington. Home to fresh coffee, sarcasm and a desire to step away from the norm to create a unique path that one may call their own. Inspired by all different aspects of life and sound, the group brings an emotionally anthemic vibe to each song with an undeniable aggression that carries its message even through their most upbeat avenues.

The band was formed in 2016, when Austin Robert (formally of Girl on Fire), Nicholas Wiggins (formally of Aiden) and Jake Jones (formally of New Years Day) wanted to start a fresh outfit that could bring life to a new generation of music. Not only to appeal to their broad spectrum of already devoted listeners but to release something from their own creativity that resides where there are no wrong answers. By removing all limitations one would find while attempting to fit into one of many boxes of genres, Goldnwolf decided early on to break the mold and go with what they felt, creating a completely unique sound of their own.

All of the members bring a broad musical sense and experience to the table in order to form a well thought out musical blend ranging from rock, blues, electronic, and pop. Their willingness to learn and grow has been part of their philosophy since the beginning, never second guessing where the next sound may take them. The group had accidentally stumbled on its recipe to give each song its own personality by removing any fear of mistakes. Being in the moment and allowing the music to carry the listener to its destination is how each song finds its place. Like a small piece to an incredibly beautiful, yet unsolvable puzzle.

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Having released their first single, “Lone Wolf” that was mixed by Jean-Marie Horvat (Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd etc.) and mastered by Dave Kutch (Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Whitney Houston etc.) on April 20th, 2017 and the music video soon after, Goldnwolf was ready to debut via live performance. On May 13, 2017, at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle, Washington, working with local craft beer giant, Elysian Brewery the group did just that. Promoting themselves and their show every way they can from guerrilla tactics on the street, creating a heavy online presence on various social network platforms, to an appearance on Seattle’s alternative radio station, 107.7 THE END’s podcast “So You’re in Seattle” with Gregr. The group performed their debut headline set in front of a sold out crowd at the one hundred-year-old theater, featuring their recent release along side a whole other hours worth of material. Smiles ruled while folks in the audience sang along to songs they were hearing for the first time, not to mention the groups acoustic cover of John Lennon’s, “Imagine”.

The Wolf is often symbolic of creativity, intuition, compassion, intelligence, and loyalty, while gold has been associated with the Devine principles, wisdom and both good and evil. Influenced by their love for their own truths, their music speaks to awareness, acceptance and enjoying life with everyone around us. Even during their heaviest moments, the group is able to maintain a light heart after throwing the listener into the fire. These are artists that are forever driven, passionate, and focused on their ultimate goal of a graceful and endless potential.

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