Raucaus in vision and gritty in execution, alt-rock outfit Good Will Remedy gives a modern foot stomp attitude to a subtly anthemic rock track with solid guitars and a powerful yet catchy set of hooks. Bravo!

About Good Will Remedy
Americana is where the song is king – a broad genre that encompasses country, alt-country, and rock –and it is here that Good Will Remedy find themselves at home.

With a long history in the local and national music scene and a C.V that includes Brisbane legends Pharaoh’s Playground and BUZZkillers – Good Will Remedy are a band awash with strong songwriting and performance craft with an honest southern fried feel tinged with alt Countryesque Americana styling.

Following on from their well-received debut album, GWR have released their second album Silver Lined – launching the album to a packed house at iconic Brisbane venue Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall in May.


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Lead Singer Will Lebihan suggests that “the strength of the songs allows quite a bit of flexibility performance wise -we work hard to ensure that the song remains king – the other flashy stuff can come later – if at all!”

That flexibility in performance has seen GWR perform on larger stages in full band mode as well as smaller more intimate venues in a more stripped back format – no matter which way it comes, the crowds continue to grow and word continues to spread – but the song remains king – and so it should!

SOURCE: Official Bio