Today Head or Heads, a.k.a. Alex Harbolt, releases the new single titled ‘Climbing Up’. With an übertasatic dance beat and a lusciously varied vocal coupling, this dose of dancefloor gives a taste of the Euro-Groove with an interesting lyric video giving light to the shade. Brilliance on the screen!

About Heads or Heads

From shimmering synth-pop to sample-heavy chillwave anchored by singer/producer Alex Harbolt’s signature filtered vocals, Heads or Heads offers a sprawl of sounds cobbled together within the confines of the Midwest.

Primarily a filmmaker, Harbolt tip-toed his way into music with Heads or Heads’ first LP in 2018, the psych-chillwave hybrid Am Enigma. The 10-track album was originally only to be a gift to a friend, heard by friends and a few family members, but quickly began spreading upon uploading it online.

His sophomore album, Low Angles, was written and recorded over the entirety of 2019 after a trip to Los Angeles with his girlfriend inspired a soft idea for a concept record on California idealism to a Kansas City-based artist.

“It was the first time in LA for both of us and I remember so many crazy things kept happening that in my head, I kept going, ‘I can make an album out of this,” Harbolt recalls. “I grew up in rural Missouri and always wondered what places like LA would be like… it’s sort of been a dream to live there for a while now and being there in person was a very surreal experience.”