Holy Wars has released their new video for the song titled ‘TV Dinner’. A song that pays homage to the decadence of culture and society via the decade that made modern consumption (the 1950s), ‘TV Dinner’ chronicles the transition from pioneers of democracy to the perpetrators of ‘deMEcracy’ and neo-narcissism where a hand up in life is now a thumbs up on Facebook. The song and video does it in a decadent and delicate style as to not only get the message across but in a way that is relatable and downright banging. This is why I love Holy Wars. Everything is done on their own terms.

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About the song:

TV Dinner is a fun, energetic punch to the face making you thrash around your bedroom while at the same time, spotlighting a societal meaning to the lyrics. I wanted to write a song that conveys the message “we are what we eat” and at times regurgitate mindlessly. In this 2:38 song, the lyrics take you on a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride touching upon brainwashing, misogyny, social injustice, a masked religion, the empty promise of an American Dream, and death of the paid artist where art and music is valued by a “like” on a fleeting app. I even let the listener inside my personal life by paying homage to my late parents in lyrics, “Dad was an auto mechanic, Mom was a tarot reader, I got blue blood in the veins, sick heart, we got a bleeder…”

I was inspired to write this message as everyday we consume what is given to us via all media… news, social apps, television and yes… food. Choking it all down in a nice “ready in 5 minutes” processed package.. no questions asked but as I have learned as I’ve grown up… ask alllllll the fucking questions!!!!!

About the video:

We open up with a parody of a real 1955 Tv Dinner commercial where it reeks of misogyny. This commercial inspired our opening to the video where we start with the typical American dynamic of the average household in 1955 and as the song starts, we are now in the mind of Leon as she stands so poised holding that tv dinner next to her husband. While in her mind, the lyrics to the song are given life from one second to the next as if turning the channels in her head. Each character has a name and archetype in this world that Leon performs with such believability you can’t look away. Once the song and ride ends you have to watch it again because surely you missed something.

Notable song credits

  • Performed by Holy wars
  • Vocals/ lyrics Kat Leon
  • Guitarist / Producer Nicolas Perez
  • Drums by Greg Garman
  • Engineered by Matt Cerritos
  • Mixed by George Dum

Notable video credits

  • Starring Kat Leon and Jake Handler
  • Directed by Erin Naifeh
  • Director of Photography : Horacio Martinez
  • Edited by Erin Naifeh
  • 1st AC: Francisco Dominguez
  • Hair/Makeup: Erin Day
  • Additional filming by Ben Davies
  • Green screen by Adam Murphy
  • Filmed at RagDoll Palace
  • Commercial filmed at Schecter Guitars Research

About Holy Wars

Holy Wars was founded in early 2017 by frontwoman Kat Leon (Sad Robot) and co-creator Nicolas Perez (The Beta Machine, Kitten, Sad Robot). The feel and sound of Holy Wars are intense, dark, and honest. The birth of Holy Wars began after a terrible loss, the sudden death of both Leon’s parents in 2015. During a time of shock and sadness, music would be the best form of healing for Leon and her pain would be written into a 6 song dedication to her parents titled ‘Mother Father’. Leon found her rebirth and Holy Wars was born.

Holy Wars’ live debut was in front of a packed audience at the Echoplex in Feb 2017. The response from that live show resulted in multiple bookings and music blog reviews stating Holy Wars was the band to watch (LA Times, Grimy Goods, Alternative Press, Huffington Post and more).

The twisting chord progressions Holy Wars employs might at times call to mind Radiohead circa OK Computer; the band’s canon fire riffs and soaring melodies could be likened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It is as punk in attitude as it is as melodic and precise in musicality.

Kat was added to the “Women Who Rule/Best of Music 2017” list by the Huffington Post.

“…a distinctly heavy synth-rock sound that’s somewhere between Siouxsie and Suicide with a modern production sheen.”
Los Angeles Times

“Hearing Holy Wars on a stream is one thing, but seeing the band perform live is a whole other experience. Kat Leon is an enchanting performer, full of emotional and physical movement — something that needs to be witnessed live.”
Grimy Goods

“Orphan” is a gripping, mesmerizing number that merges elements of doom rock with the cinematic goth-rock of Kate Bush and Chelsea Wolfe. The searing guitars, hardened rhythms, and Leon’s soaring vocals form a wall of sound that pounds on your chest again and again. While the music is dark and heavy, it is a reflection of the pain and anger of a woman who has lost her heart and soul and is now alone. Her lyrics are emotional and hard-hitting”
The Revue

“We’ve had the pleasure of catching (and reporting) on two Holy Wars shows in 2017, but without the knowledge or history behind the music. In both instances, we were captivated by the energy that this band fed its audience. The energy was electric: intense and visceral. However, knowing all of the pain and healing that Kat put into writing the music, and seeing her embody all of those emotions on stage, amplifies that energy 10 fold.”
Blurred Culture

Featured image by Heather Koepp.