In Isolation have released their new video for their song, “Parlance”. With the definition of parlance being a certain way of speaking or using words, In Isolation achieve musical ingenuity of such with chiming guitars and gutsy rhythm. I love the music when the guitars and bass don’t follow each other but instead seem to riff off of each other in such a way that it almost seems to counter the balance while keeping the melody. Let this be their “Parlance”.

In Isolation has been working with Midlands producer Gavin Monaghan and release Parlance on Christmas Day, ahead of their album in March 2016.


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About In Isolation:
It is a fine art wearing influences openly on the sleeve whilst creating a powerfully unique and distinct sound, but a craft British band IN ISOLATION has developed and honed to attention grabbing success since emerging in 2009.

The Nottingham hailing trio draw on eighties inspirations for their indie rock adventures; new wave/post punk temptations ranging from The Smiths to David Bowie, Killing Joke, and The Cult helping trigger their own imagination alongside similarly rich hues sparked by post-punk revivalist bands like Editors and Bloc Party. United they spice a sound which is emotively kaleidoscopic and engagingly unpredictable; a proposal instinctively provoking thoughts, emotions, and eager physical involvement.

A host of singles have nurtured a keen appetite in fans and media alike for the IN ISOLATION invention; the pair of ‘Berlin’ and ‘Film Noir Scandal’ alone potent incitements awakening acclaiming attention.

The first of the pair was also featured in the 2013 Steve Best directed movie ‘Zombie Hood’, alongside ‘The Wrong Girl’ which IN ISOLATION as themselves performed in the opening club scene.

This success was repeated as further band songs also appeared in a clutch of TV and movie productions.

From their first day, IN ISOLATION has also spread a hungry and rousing presence on the live scene, through their own praise garnering shows and the supporting of bands such as Republica, Spear Of Destiny, The Chapman Family, and Trailer Trash Traceys.

On top of that performances across a host of festivals like Out The Box with Jake Bugg, DV8 alongside Gary Numan, and the WGW festival for which Cat On The Wall webzine described the IN ISOLATION appearance as “a very smooth set that was proud, passionate, and refined to the highest degree, performed by very talented people working in perfect tandem“, has only added to the band’s blossoming reputation.

Things are set to intensify now though as the band approach the release of their debut album “A Certain Fractal Light”. Written across 2015, IN ISOLATION stepped into the studio with Gavin Monaghan (Editors/Babes In Toyland/ Paolo Nutini), as they had for recent singles, to record the boldest and most fascinating proposal to emerge from their persistent hunger to evolve and grow in songwriting and sound.

Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Swift, guitarist John Berry, and drummer Tony Ghost have woven a fiercely adventurous and intimately expressive offering, the anticipation for which was recently with the release of its first single ‘Truth Or Dare’, a song quickly receiving national airplay via Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

With the pungently climatic ‘Parlance’, the second single from “A Certain Fractal Light”, set to present a festive gift with its Christmas Day release and a successor coming in the New Year before the unveiling of the album in March via the band’s own Aye Aye Records, 2016 is brewing up to be a major year for IN ISOLATION and the UK music scene.