ISY has released her new video and single titled ‘Airplane Mode’. Slow grind by default and whispering confidence just above the music, ISY is showing herself as an artist that has no problem showing herself as a musician and as a person with emotion and feeling.

The video highlights this and more as a visual track to the sound and a set of visuals for the soul. Production on the video and track are sparing and professional as just enough is done to polish what really doesn’t need polishing. True art is rough and its within those rough edges we find ourselves. Brilliant.

About ISY

The music video for “Airplane Mode” showcases ISY for the unique emerging artist she is – a style icon, powerful vocalist, and prolific songwriter wrapped into one. Utilizing the popular live stream platform Twitch to write and produce her latest single “Airplane Mode”, ISY describes the process as creating in a “place where I’m finally starting to come out of my shell.” “I was freestyling this online to an audience of people I know are like-minded, and I wanted to make them laugh, feel, and transport them to an illusive and beautiful place… virtually… definitely something we’ve all gotten good at in this first chapter of the 2020s,” says the artist.

ISY shares the sentiment that “Airplane Mode” is her story of gaining self-worth and a call to the sensitive and introspective. “I wanted to make something that was vulnerable and real, but also unshrinking, even a little cheeky. It can feel like an act of defiance to prioritize our own peace of mind and development. I tried to express that defiant feeling in a positive and celebratory way.” The single release was well received with features on Spotify playlists like BMI’s Picks: Pop/Rock, The Deli Magazine, and support from DJ LILICAY who shared both the music video and behind-the-scenes footage on her Twitch channel. With a smooth, lo-fi, RnB sound matched with feel-good, self-assured lyrics, ISY executes exactly what she set out to do.

Borrowing from an eclectic mix of soundscapes, ISY is a prolific writer and producer who has performed regularly from an early age. She is an interactive and high-spirited performer, delivering her creations with great care. Her sound is informed by a broad range of genres, from the lyrical innovation of hip hop/rap to iconic Motown ambiance, or rugged early grunge. Her style is marked by both lyrical originality and playfulness, and the “accessible” melodic elements of pop music. She cut her teeth regularly busking on subway platforms, and now also streams her songs and production processes on Twitch – a community she describes as very much like virtual busking.