Whilst Manchester is brimming with indie-rock bands, The Jade Assembly’s colossal rock and roll stands out from the crowd with raw charisma and determination.

With energetic rock to lift your feet off the floor, the Bolton hailing group perform with fearsome energy and zealous honesty.

Recently releasing a single with Ugly Man Records the band have worked with the prestigious label responsible for Elbow’s early success.

Lead singer John (Foz) Foster passionately performs with enough charisma to give former rock-gods from the Gallaghers to Dave Grohl a run for their money.

His honest lyrics bare a strengthening and poetic truth with the magnetic flare of an assured front man. Andy Watson and Danny Hayes keep a formidable rhythm section whilst Gareth (Smed) Smedley strikes raw vigor on lead guitar.

Due to their compelling commitment, The Jade Assembly formulate a magnetic sense of purpose.

Acclaimed by former Inspiral Carpet’s member and XS Manchester DJ, Clint Boon as “the best guitar band since Kasabian”, The Jade Assembly foster ample verve with forceful conviction.

With their latest singles the colossal ‘One Last Time’ and romantic yet enflaming ‘Nothing Changes’ receiving radio play on BBC Introducing, The Jade Assembly are set to cause a stir at another round of UK festivals this season.

Having already demonstrated a commotion at Kendal Calling to Playground festival in the past, The Jade Assembly is the perfect vivacious soundtrack to summer antics, warm festival beers and sunshine.

With an infamous loyal following dubbed ‘The Jade Army’ the group gather ‘the best fans in the world’ for their hedonistic live shows. And there’s always amiable room for more fans to join the uplifting raucous.

Taking influence from the legendary classics The Stones and The Who to Oasis, The Jade Assembly are the spawn of Britpop.

Flying flags and empowering crowds The Jade Assembly’s stadium worthy sets are not to be missed.

According to the band, Got My star is… “written about striving for something in your life for so long but then you meet someone and nothing else really matters cause you’re happy to be with that person”.

Foz writes the lyrics and the melody and then brings the tune to the rest of the band and we add our bits to create the full sound, which is the normal process for us.

We’ve recorded this song with Gavin Monaghan – legendary producer at his Magic Garden Studio in Wolverhampton – where we had a great weekend and came away with something we’re really happy and proud of – we’re also releasing the single with Magic Garden vinyl which we’re really excited about.

It’s a song that came together very quickly in a few days and was recorded and mixed in 2 days. The song is upbeat and always gets the crowd going when we play it live. We’re really buzzing for everyone to hear it”.