Atmospheric in delivery and eccentric in performance, James Holt’s new video for the track ‘Whispers’, is a cinematic performance with a heartfelt song with a given fresh perspective on creativity and originality. I highlight that last part because let’s face it, we are becoming a musical world of follow the leader. James may not know it, but he is a leader. Or soon will be. His music has that trendsetting captivating aura that is rarely heard nowadays but often spoken of. ‘Whispers’ plays like a journey. Leave it to James Holt to make that journey continue.

About James Holt
James Holt is an alt-rock artist from the moors of Bolton and is receiving attention and praise from music industry giants, such as legendary producer Brian Eno, and the listening public alike. With the craftsmanship and energy of his songwriting translating effortlessly to his stage performance and having performed at the UK’s most prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, this is an artist to watch out for in 2018.

“Fresh and exciting to listen to”
– Brian Eno

“Sounds so great on the radio!”
– Chris Douridas, KCRW (LA)

“Very talented, very wonderful – absolutely love his voice”
– BBC Introducing Manchester

“With an arresting voice that is reminiscent of John Lennon or early Bob Dylan, wily lyrics and an upbeat weave of rock, prog and blues, it’s obvious to see why his remarkable music is turning heads”
– Manchester Evening News

SOURCE: Official Bio

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