I love listening to Jasmine Rodgers. Her work is simply amazing. When I first interviewed her back in 2016 I got this vibe from her. It’s one of those vibes that tell me ‘This person gets it.’ She knows what she wants to do with her music.

And that music continues with her new video and song in collaboration with singer/songwriter Scott Matthews in the form of ‘Underwater’. The first thing I noticed when I pressed play was the brilliant guitar work by both Rodgers and Matthews. They perfectly compliment each other and build the song with a solid base for the other instruments to work with, including an amazing cello accompaniment by Danny Keane. And, while there is virtually no percussion in the song, there is a clear beat and rhythm made by the instruments at hand, which is a beautiful accomplishment in and of itself, because for one to transpose the beat from a set of string instruments and to place it at the same forefront as said instruments shows the clarity of vision and depth of the songwriting from such accomplished performers. Well done!

Jasmine is currently working on new material set for release later this year and her recent collaboration with Scott Matthews and Danny Keane has culminated with a live video recording at Kore Studios.

About ‘Underwater’
Jasmine Rodgers releases Underwater, a live recording made at Kore Studios in May. Featuring Ivor Novello Award-winning Scott Matthews, Underwater also features Danny Keane on cello. “I wanted to capture us all together in one room because I think the energy is different and more intense. I’ve been fortunate enough to support Scott on his last tour and I knew it would be really fun to do this. It’s a song with deep meaning for me and both Scott and Danny got it.” Filmed by Pavel from Ropo Films, the video is available to see here.

Jasmine Rodgers is a London born musician of mixed parentage and says this has nurtured a deep love of many different genres. Her solo shows feature her complex guitar picking styles and intricate vocals, effortlessly veering from folk to rock music, which is why Ivor Novello award-winning musician Scott Matthews invited her to support him on his latest tour (last one NCEM, York, 25th Jan 2019). Her song ‘Follow You’ was recently featured on Fatea Magazine compilation.

Her solo forays take her to a more folk-based territory, and last August she traveled up to Shetland to perform at a sold-out show with Jenny Sturgeon (Jenny Sturgeon Trio, Salt House).

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Jasmine also has a solid fanbase in the Japanese anime world thanks to her work as frontwoman to British rock band Bôa, who wrote and performed the soundtrack to award-winning anime Lain Serial Xperiments.

[table caption=”Jasmine Rodgers 2019 UK Dates” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
July 17th,The Harrison, London
July 18th,The Village Bars, Brighton
August 3rd,Oxfest, Sussex
November 14th,Camden Chapel,London
November 29th,Great British Folk Festival,Skegness