“Another Day” was done a few months ago and quickly became a fan favorite. Coming to terms with his love for music from a very tender age, the claredonian has now been able to bring versatility to the reggae and dancehall industry which has is fans in awe.

“Another Day” video features different types of working class people from the farmers to the office assistants. Filmed in various locations all over Jamaica; the country sides, the waterfronts and the lush farms. The video showcases a great deal the country-side and beautiful water fronts, truly displaying the “mecca” of reggae music.

“Another Day” was recorded by Black 90 Records and directed by Robin Chin who also directed Jegz prior video “Irie”. It was very important for Jegz to include his own peers in the project. Therefore all of the characters in the video is one way or the other involved in his life and is enthused about his career and ambitions.