American Singer/Song-writer Joe Settineri has released the official music video for his deeply moving new single, ‘Batman Cries’. The video was directed by Jared Cordes.

“The new video for ‘Batman Cries’ explores the inner superhero in us all — the strong, inner-spirit that fights for us and keeps us moving, dreaming, and striving. It’s about the eventuality that even our strongest self-needs to be reassured, lifted up, and cheered on. It’s about being down – seriously down – with seemingly no way up and finding that inner strength to go forth. When a superhero is down, it tears us apart, but when that superhero is us, it’s a matter of life and death.”
– Joe Settineri

Originally from the mid-west, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Joe Settineri was a late bloomer. After the music world wooed him away from a finance career, and years spent being one of a handful of go-to singers in Los Angeles, Settineri established himself as an exceptional singer-songwriter in 2009 with his widely praised first studio album, ‘Stay’ (LML Records). His second full studio album, ‘Beyond Your Control’, was released 2014 and followed up by his most recent EP, ‘Be The One’ in 2017.

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Joe’s newest singles, ‘Hello Goodbye’, ‘Batman Cries’, and ‘Oxygen’, all collaborations with multi-platinum Nashville-based producer Mike Krompass (Smash Mouth, Nellie Furtado), are slated for release in Summer and Fall 2018.

Joe lives in Los Angeles with his husband and two children.