The first thing I think of after seeing this video for the first time is “Man this song does not let up!” It just gets right to the point. Well, I’m up for the night lol. But the energy in this song and video is such a good thing. This is a track that gets you pumped the f*ck up! And the video is every bit the visual representation of the aural attack that Julian Grimm has assaulted upon your tympanic membrane. And the fact that this track is so damn catchy makes it even better. I’m going to bring this song to the gym with me because this is caffeine in an iPod and I love it!

About Julian Grimm:
Born in the 80s, raised in the 90s, destroyed in the 00s and reborn in the 10s. Julian Grimm has been a force of music for a long time. It all began under the burning sun of Brazilian lands, where he lived under the shadows of the skyscrapers in Sao Paulo. There, he tried his first musical notes in a couple of independent punk bands, playing all over the land of ass and passion fruit. But there was ugliness in such beautiful beginnings, ugliness that forced him to abandon everything and try something new.

In the beginning of this decade, Julian moved to London to try to achieve his full potential. Here he fronted fast punk rock bands and formed his own musical endeavour, called Snap Out. Snap Out had a good run in the UK scene playing in awesome venues such as the O2 Academy, Monarch and others. Not only that, the band was also chosen as a wildcard to be part of Hard Rock Cafe’s Rising competition, where Grimm was praised by the judges for his, let’s say, unusual but catchy songwriting.

After Snap Out released two EPs, Static and Dino Diner, chaos had to hit Julian’s life one more time. It pushed him away into his own darkness. He ended up alone, bandless. That was the time he decided to end what he started once and for all, so he used his time incarcerated in the shadows to rebuild himself.
In 2015 he was sighted by many witnesses releasing a new song unlike any other he has done in the past. In the song he claims he’s “Looking For Ya”. It is widely believed that this was the start of Julian’s rebirth.

Now, his darkness will now melt into reality. His world is in a collision course to ours. The impact is near and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

SOURCE: Official Bio