Just A Ride has released their new video for the track titled ‘Not Enough’. The title is fitting because this track simply cranks and, let’s face it, there is not enough guitar rock in the world anymore. Let’s hope the 20’s change that as they progress. An updated sound from the now classic era of the late 90’s/early 21st century, ‘Not Enough’ kicks out the jams and lets in the heat with a rock anthem meant for the ages.

About Just A Ride

Just a Ride show that there’s Not Enough grunge in the world, but they’re prepared to do something about it with the release of their new single and video!

And the band is on a mission to revive the spirit of the early 90s alternative rock scene that burst out of Seattle and influenced a generation, with the upcoming release of their debut album.

Huge fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, the UK-based four-piece draws its influence from that era.

Combining this with their millennial punk rock and nu-metal upbringing the result is a sound that carries the legacy of grunge with a contemporary twist.

Founded by former Violent Delight bandmates Rod Henderson (vocals) and Drew Lowe (guitar) in 2015 as a writing project after some time out of the music industry,

the pair added drummer Alex Bailey and are currently looking for a new bassist to complete the line-up and bring their sound to the live stage.

Rod and Drew reunited after a chance drunken Facebook conversation. Having not played music for nearly 10 years, Rod was coming home after a heavy drinking session that ended in karaoke. The pair somehow ended up reconnecting on Facebook messenger and wheels were set in motion!

The album is scheduled for release February 25th, 2022, and was produced by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, The Professionals) and mixed by the legendary Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro).

With great support from radio, Spotify and a growing following across their social media accounts the band have been able to reach music fans and collaborate with artists across the globe; an experience that provides a great source of creative inspiration.

The band’s burning ambition is to cement their place at the forefront of the resurgent scene and turn these virtual connections into international live shows.

They will be out on the road to promote the record throughout 2022.

About the song – in Rod’s words…

“Not Enough is a song about self-doubt. It was written at a time that was very difficult for everybody; during the first few weeks of the COVID pandemic. At that time my life literally got turned upside down and the world seemed to be a really dark place. The future was really uncertain and internally I fought with the worry that I might not have enough left in the tank to fight what life was throwing at all of us. In a way, writing this song was a way to get all of these worries and counterproductive thoughts out of my system.

Once we had this song down, we embarked on a really good creative period, and it was probably the catalyst that helped us complete the writing process for our debut album. I hope that the song inspires those going through hard times, overwhelmed by a sense that they are past their prime, that this feeling can be overcome, and better days are ahead”.