Magazine Gap open up 2017 with the release of their new single “In Two Minds”. This latest offering from the London three-piece is the opening shot across the bow of 2017 from this impressive rock band.

“In Two Minds” heralds a slight change in direction from the band with this track delivering a more sensitive and passionate ballad. As always with these accomplished musicians, there is much to admire in the arrangement. Alex Ho’s haunting piano really stands out and blends perfectly with James Keen’s soulful vocals, while the whole track cemented together by the classy drumming of Brian McCook.

Their 2016 “Calling Card” EP garnered some impressive reviews and finished the year on a high for the band. “In Two Minds” should certainly see Magazine Gap continue to emerge as one of the UK’s finest bands.

“In Two Minds” is released on 27th January 2017