Magazine Gap have seamlessly melded multiple styles in their latest offering titled “What’s That About?”. In true musicianship style, virtuosic stylings of my favorite instruments combine to make a soaring track with all of the heart and soul demanded by a modern classic. To make a video of this band playing the song in the studio is only fitting as to give a hint of the powers that be.


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About Magazine Gap & “What’s That About
Magazine Gap are James Keen – Vocals and Guitar, Alex Ho – Piano and Keyboards and Brian McCook – Drums and Percussion. Their brand of multi-genre infused rock has been inspired by a whole host of music royalty including Prince and Sting through to more contemporary artists such as OneRepublic and Maroon 5. These three highly talented musicians create clever songs for those who are still interested in real music.

“What’s That About?” is a classy affair that encompasses the stylish vocals of James Keen, the edgy hip hop beats of Brian McCook and the sophisticated piano-playing of Alex Ho. There’s a passion and soul to Keen’s voice that could sit comfortably alongside the band’s aforementioned influences.

Having played across Europe, America and the Far East, Magazine Gap are getting ready to release their forthcoming album and this video is just a taster. If it’s supposed to whet the appetite, it’s more than done its job.