Atlanta-based indie rock trio Mansell has released the official music video for their single “Ghost.” The track comes for their latest record Mantra, an eight-song offering that landed in the iTunes Top 100 Alt Chart and led the band to a support slot with Butch Walker earlier this year.

The video was conceptualized by a friend of the band, John Gray. “We all feel like kin to one another, so the understanding and chemistry there on multiple levels was a comfort in letting another artist interpret your music emotionally the way John did,” says vocalist Holden Fincher. “He essentially dove into the song for an extensive period, and analyzed it in depth. He would call or we’d be together and he would just say how many times he had really listened to that song to really breathe it in and know it, and we’d discuss every little thing about it. The emotional pulls of the song itself, as well as who we are as artists, and what the project ‘Mantra’ was to us were put through the mind and emotion of himself artistically. The finished product is the collision of that knowledge and he as an artist. Like a Basquiat and Warhol collab or salty fries with a chocolate shake.”

Mansell chose an abandoned denim factory in Georgia to film the video, a location that really embraces the dreamy and peculiar vibe of the track. “Everyone on set and in the video were people close to us,” says Fincher. “From 5am to 10pm we just spent the day with close friends, family, and artists we really admire and hauled ass. It was just a cluster of people who love each other working hard to make something real and great, for the sake of making something real and great. We are incredibly grateful for them and the product.”