Alt-rock duo mistakes have premiered a music video for their new single “nightmares”. The new track, produced and recorded by Zach Jones of My Enemies and I, brings dark pop vibes and catchy melodies to light, showcasing exactly what to come from the band.

“’nightmares’ is about being trapped by the confines of your own mind, says vocalist, Lauren Hudson. “I wrote it about what I felt was my failure to get over certain memories or situations. I suffer from chronic nightmares so there are some figurative and literal themes going on there. The video is meant to portray that chaotic headspace.”

The new track is the first of many that the band plans to release this year. Watch the creative vision for “nightmares” above.

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About mistakes:
mistakes is a rock band from Hollywood, California. Originally formed in New York City the project was started by friends Lauren Hudson (vocals and guitars) and Alex Sinaly (bass and keys). The two ventured out West to continue their blend of alt/pop and rock music. The two have played with Icon For Hire, Eyes Set To Kill, It Lives It Breathes, The Funeral Portrait, Assuming We Survive, Misery Loves Company, The Nearly Deads, Stephanie Brite etc. They have been in the studio and will be releasing an EP and touring this coming spring.