Oliver Jones has dropped his new video and single titled ‘Bangers’. Straight from his upcoming album, releasing in 2021, titled ‘Bangers’, the single collides with originality and has that smooth swagger about it topped off with syncopated lyrical shots with matching rhythm and smooth brilliance.

And while the video has an overall cinematic vibe to it, it stays low enough to the ground to give the song that guttural vibe needed to bring the message across visually.

About Oliver Jones & ‘Bangers’

Oliver Jones returns in fine form with his infectious second single ‘Bangers’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘Ugly’ due out in 2021.

Produced, composed & arranged by long-time collaborator Mello D, ‘Bangers’ is released with a slick ‘Sin City’ type visual directed by Nizar Shad.

Speaking on the release, Jones reveals that:

“I never meant for this song to be so fun! Initially and still at its core, the message behind the music is to highlight the sacrifices I’ve made and I’d make just to do what I do i.e. rap and write bangers!