Oliver Jones drops his new video for the track titled ‘Ugly’ with a little help from Mello D. With a harsh heart and hard lyrics, Oliver drops a soul-sorte with the mind of madness and heart of purity. Visually dark and mindfully dirty, ‘Ugly’ is ugly in that it scrapes the scab off and exposes the truth. In a world of honesty, we can honestly say that this, in fact, is something beautiful. however, in the real world, it is something to fear. But, when those of us expose the truth in themselves the become leaders, or at least what leaders should be. And, by saying that, Oliver is a leader with his music.

About Oliver Jones & ‘Ugly’

Oliver Jones announces himself in explosive style with his debut single Ugly… the combined debut breakout release from fledgling record label powerhouse Pyro Music MGT. Taken from the forthcoming album also entitled Ugly, Jones delivers a brutally honest account of his life tribulations in which he lays his deepest emotions bare.

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Produced, composed & arranged by long-time collaborator Mello D – Ugly arrives accompanied by a visceral visual narrative directed by Adam Al Sened (dLO Media). The cinematic visuals serve to compliment Ugly’s dark and sinister themes, seeing Jones portray a troubled alter-ego whose story goes from bad to worse as a night on the town unfolds.

Discussing his debut release, Jones states:

“I wrote Ugly at a time where things were really going wrong for me as life’s pressures became all-consuming. Instead of playing the blame game, I thought I’d reflect on where I stood, and the part I was playing in the situations I was finding myself in. I’ve always been real & seek to convey the truth in my music, but that can’t just be exclusive to portray me in a positive light, I’ve got to be honest with myself & my mistakes in life”.

In addition to the single release of Ugly, the South London native has also announced the album also entitled Ugly is scheduled for release later this year.