Haunting, yet daunting is the best way to describe the video for “Oh, the Horror!”, from the band Orations. The track harks back to the days when alternative was still post-modern and the guitars were still atmospheric by nature and driving by default. To be blunt, this is a beautiful song. In so many ways. Yet the video does it justice in a sort of “David Lynchian” sort of way. This must be listened to and not heard, to be fully appreciated.

Orations “Oh’ The Horror” Single (Custom Made Music/Swiss Dark Nights)
“Oh’ The Horror” the first single from Orations forthcoming album “Wych Elm.” perfectly captures the band’s jangling post-punk/college rock sound. Fueled by Jess Collins dynamic vocal delivery and Paul Morin’s lush, full-bodied guitar sounds the song takes you on a sonic journey that is dark and haunting yet subliminally catchy at the same time. Think Siouxsie Sioux fronting R.E.M. “Wych Elm” will be available later this Fall on Custom Made Music in the U.S. and Swiss Dark Nights in Europe.