Ottorn has released their new video for the single titled ‘The Moral’, from their upcoming album ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ releasing in February, 2022. Orchestral and mysterious, Ottorn delve into the mystic with a pure poetic heart and original vision. Captivating from the start, the video is a companion piece for the music, but the music will provide its own visuals if you simply listen.

About Ottorn & ‘The Moral’

Ottorn is an epic and baroque folk trio led by two musicians with a ‘metal’ background and a medieval lutenist:

  • NEVAH (lead vocals)
  • NIMLETH (war drums, percussions & vocals)
  • VALFEU (lute, guitars, whistle, percussions & programmation)

Ottorn chose to compose and record their debut album ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in an old mansion in Neyron, France. In this dark and unusual venue, the trio carried out numerous sound and alchemy experiments, going so far as to replace the traditional ‘metal’ snare drum with a cauldron and the cymbals with real sword blows. This first album is an alchemical, gothic and flamboyant adaptation of the traditional European legend of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.