Paul Menel has released a new video for his single “Let’s Do It”. The song has a rather gritty sound to it and is rough around the edges in a very positive way yet doesn’t stray from the pop hooks and feeling that made Paul all the rage in his IQ front man days. Sporting a poker motif the video goes all in with the visualistic style of Rounders and the noir realism of Taxi Driver.

About Paul Menel & The Essentials
Following on from the recent success of their first single They Call Her Leaf, Paul Menel & The Essentials release Let’s Do It.

Produced by the legendary producer, Gav Monaghan (Robert Plant, The Sherlocks, The Twang,) it is another toe-tapping catchy song with a driving Africanesque back beat overlaid with Menel’s trademark poignant lyrics and vocal delivery.

Paul has enjoyed a rich and varied musical background. He toured with Mike Rutherford, Ronnie Wood and Foreigner to name just a few and these experiences have helped to shape what he calls his “stories to a soundtrack.”

“I think we’ve developed a fascinating soundscape of contrasts, moods and melody. Let’s Do It is one of my favourites” he says, “as it had such an unusual, almost paranormal, birth. We were booked into Gav’s studio for two days and as the first session went on until late I decided to stay in a hotel rather than drive home. Around 3 am I was woken by music being played. I was in that shallow sleep mode and when I eventually woke up fully I realised the music was in my head! I was racking my brain trying to think who the song was by. Some people take a teddy bear to bed with them. I always have an acoustic guitar next to me. So for the next hour or so I strummed the chords and wrote down the lyrics. In the studio the next day I sang the song to Gav and begged him to put me out of my misery and tell me who wrote it. Monaghan, who has a musical hard drive for a brain, thought for a while and then eventually said, “you did, let’s record it!”

I went into the vocal booth, honed the lyrics and rhythm, said to the band “Let’s Do It” and we did. Spooky!

Let’s Do It is a song about the thief of time; procrastination. It’s about fate, chance and serendipity. Taking that leap of faith.

Paul continues, “the video features my old luvvie darling actor buddy, Andy Linden, of film and TV fame who plays The Chancer. He goes from rags to riches then riches to rags on an almost daily basis. We had a brilliant time filming a Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels pastiche of an illegal card game and doing lots of “bandit” filming in the centre of Birmingham.

Once you’ve heard “Let’s Do It” it will be going round and round in your head too: – the only difference being you will know who it’s by.

Taken from the forthcoming album “Spare Parts For Broken Hearts” – released in 2016.