Prof has dropped his new video for the single titled ‘Squad Goals’. This has got to be the most original and interesting video I have seen this year, by a longshot. I know that’s a hardcore way to start a review, but this video demands that declaration. I mean, Mr. Rogers, PTSD, pill-popping, and more in under four minutes. Try fitting that many lucid subplots together in anything, even involving music.

Having said that, this music is brilliant. Steady. Rhythmic. Staccato. Each deserving itself as a sentence. One thing I like about the Rhymesayers artists is that they bring entertainment and introspective reflection back into music, but now Prof brings fun.

About Prof

With an album, entitled ‘Powderhorn Suites’, set to drop on June 26 via Rhymesayers Entertainment, the Minneapolis rapper shows no signs of dampening his off the wall, no-holds-barred approach to music. Nothing is sacred in the “Squad Goals” music video as Prof returns to form as a truly eccentric entertainer. He delivers a nod to the “U Name It” challenge while masquerading as a roguish Mister Rogers—popping pills, dancing on set, and pausing for a Vietnam flashback. The madness escalates scene by scene while Prof effortlessly changes his vocal inflection to match each punchline in the track.

Anticipation for a new album has been steadily building since Prof teased fans with the release of his “Cousins” music video. The album loosely follows a singular concept of all the activity taking place in a fictional hotel. “There are so many different things happening in a hotel at one time,” Prof explains. “Somebody’s doing drugs. Somebody’s having sex. There’s a fight over there. Someone’s trying to get some rest over here. There’s just so much going on in one place.” The same can be said for Powderhorn Suites, a remarkable rollercoaster of a project that hits stunning highs and features dramatic lows.

Longtime Rhymesayers fans will recall a show-stopping performance at Soundset 2018, during which Prof cemented his reputation as an exceptional performer capable of simultaneously inspiring awe and laughter. While his touring plans have been grounded for the time being by the coronavirus, Prof hasn’t stopped connecting with fans. Airing a series of Instagram Live videos entitled “Prof’s Creative Academy,” the emcee has delivered a deep dive into his creative process, welcomed guests such as Murs and label mate Grieves, and proven that his razor-sharp wit can shine through any medium.