Righteous Reprobates demonstrate that Rock is not the sound of the past, but the sound of the future, with their next single release ‘We Go With What We Know’ – if there is a ‘Rock Revival’ going on then surely they have to be a part of it!

Having worked with the Grammy-winning Sean Magee in Abbey Road studios on their forthcoming debut album, the London & Kent based four piece is stepping into the footsteps of so many great bands before them, ranging from Britpop acts like Oasis and Blur to the rock and pop legends of the 60s and 70s, and right through to the now.


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Righteous Reprobates have had plenty of strong support (including very healthy Radio play) for their last single ‘My Psychosis’, with Pure M Magazine writing : “Its fresh feel is complemented by hints of an old-school sound that, when thrown together, work well and demonstrate plenty of potential for the band’s future.” The follow up ‘We Go With What We Know’ is an energy driven rock’n’roll pop power-boost!

Rob White (Guitar, Vocals), Charlie Kenny (Drums), Jack Griffiths (Guitar, Vocals) and Jack Collier (Bass) are bringing a retro-fresh take on a music genre that has brought forth some of the biggest bands in music history. Songwriter Rob took some inspiration for the lyrics especially from his experience living in New Zealand and Australia for six years. He says:

“Living abroad for so long gave me perspective and widened the scope of my song writing subject matter.” Righteous Reprobates evidently have all the necessary ingredients of being a great guitar band – they have the talent, the dedication and the drive for bigger projects ahead! Apart from now releasing this magnificent second single, the band has also got a lot to offer when hitting the live stages.

You can view some footage of their debut gig, live at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells (Small Venue of the Year – NME), here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqIB7TH9A7w

The lads deliver a great performance, so it should only be a matter of time until promoters for the likes of Reading and Glastonbury start to pick up on them! It’s fair to say that Righteous Reprobates hail a new era of indie rock by taking over where bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian have left off. So, roll on this ‘Rock Revival’, then….

‘We Go With What We Know’ is out on 15th April 2016