River Nelson & Afrobeats have collaborated for the new single and video titled ‘Greatest of Lights’. Straight form a soul that has learned as much as lived, River and Altobeats place love within the layers and soul within the sound to produce a letter of life within the audio and visuals. The power of love is the fuel for live and that life is what we make of it and that will shape your future. Wise words from the mind of true musicians.

About ‘Like the Sun Didn’t Sink’

‘Like the Sun Didn’t Sink’ is the fifth full-length album from American hip-hop artist River Nelson after his critically acclaimed LPs The Rise and Fall of River Nelson, The Shape of the Sky, How To Dream, and Power, Resilience & Joy.

Like the Sun Didn’t Sink also serves as the introduction of River and Alto, consisting of River on vocals and gifted Los Angeles producer AltoBeats who produced the entire album. The two will continue to make music as a duo in the future.

Made up of 10 tracks, the album has songs that marry intense lyricism with soulful, musical production.

“Songs on this album are layered, so one can listen to them repeatedly and get something new each time,” River explains. “We want this album to be a source of joy and inspiration for people, because each song sounds hopeful on some level.”

“I think people will vibe to the stories and their message,” added Alto. “To me, the message is about looking back and feeling gratitude at how far one has gone in reaching their goals. I’m hoping it inspires others to work on becoming a better version of themselves, while doing the things they love.”

Songs on “Like the Sun Didn’t Sink” include the bright and optimistic “New View,” the uplifting “Greatest of Lights,” and the heart wrenching love tale “Years & Miles,” which is backed by lush keys and strings. Other cuts on the album include “Come Up,” which masterfully details River’s journey from a young hip-hop fan, to living in New York and trying to break into the music business.

And why is the album called “Like the Sun Didn’t Sink?”

“I usually like to write in the morning and whenever I wrote for this album the sun was always blazing and the sky was always crystal blue,” River explains. “It was like the sun never sank while we were making this project, which I thought was a fitting title.”

The concept of the single is based on River’s belief that we’re all protected by the highest and strongest spiritual force, God, who River calls The Greatest of Lights.

“Have you ever experienced a dangerous moment but got out of it totally unscathed? asks River. “Or have you ever received something in life out of nowhere that you desperately needed? “That’s what Greatest of Lights is about. It’s a way for me to celebrate being watched over without telling people what to believe or think.”

The video was written and directed by Los Angeles-based filmmaker James I. Austen.

About River Nelson

River Nelson began his recording career when he was signed to Arista Records by label executive Joy Bailey while Clive Davis was still at the helm. He also hooked up with the New York rappers the Boogiemonsters and was featured on the group’s classic debut Riders of The Storm: The Underwater Album.

River worked with legendary UK producer Lewis Parker and the two created the critically praised The Rise & Fall of River Nelson in 2010 and their follow up The Shape of The Sky in 2013.

In 2016 River released his third studio album How to Dream followed by the EP Navigation in 2017, and the LP Power, Resilience & Joy in 2019. River — who is a native New Yorker and spent much of his childhood in nearby Connecticut — has gone on to carve out a respectable following for himself in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the globe.

About AltoBeats

AltoBeats is a Mexican-American beat maker and aspiring music producer from Pacoima, Los Angeles, California. He’s classically trained in music and music theory as a child, practicing piano and accordion into his teenage years.

Now, he’s an avid beat maker, student of music, and vinyl collector. His influences include J Dilla, Madlib, 9th Wonder, Freddie Joachim, RZA, Apollo Brown, The Alchemist, Quincy Jones, Johan Johansson, Stro Elliot, and many others.

Alto has produced four songs on River Nelson’s 2019 album Power, Resilience & Joy.

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