Rocketsmith gives a perfect anthem to summer with their new single and video called ‘Give Love’. A stellar mix of pop-rock hooks and gritty rock chords give Rocketsmith a solid single and showcase for their talents as songwriters.

About Rocketsmith
Self-confessed ‘daft Yorkshiremen’, Rocketsmith are the feel-good rock band you’ve been waiting for. Collectively they are consummate performers both live and in the studio but strip away the rock n roll and you’ll find Andy is an egg farmer, Hank is a painter and decorator, Anth is a tiler and Matt is an electrical engineer. It is their down-to-earth nature which helps to endear them so much to their existing fanbase, one which is set to explode with the release of Balancing Act, their forthcoming EP which is being supported by live dates right up until Christmas.

Rocketsmith were hatched in Pickering, just on the edge of the wilds of the North Yorkshire Moors, with the exception of renegade Matt, originally from Sheffield and now settled in Scarborough. Like every musician worth their salt, they’ve all played in various bands over the years but always with the view that being a covers band was not for them. Forged together by a desire to write and perform their own material, that Rocketsmith exists at all is a testament to their desire to make music whilst each has a job out there in the ‘real world’. A Balancing Act by any standards.

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Give Love is the lead track from ‘Balancing Act’, celebrating everything positive in life and a reminder that love and kindness will always lead to happier times. This year Rocketsmith are celebrating their tenth anniversary as a band and as Hank and his magic beard (which he was proud to declare existed way before they became trendy!) says, their “number one aim is to entertain people”, pure escapism from a world stuffed with TV talent shows, social media warriors and woe. The EP, Balancing Act was written over the Autumn of 2018 and early 2019, incorporating two previously recorded tracks Hope in the Beat and Give Love backing up Jenny, Chasing Ghosts, Beautiful Soul and Real Life, six songs that the band feels are the strongest material they’ve recorded to date.