Rude Audio return with a vibrant electronic vortex of steady beats and hummable rhythm in the form of ‘To The Sun’. The accompanying video is a virtual reality tinged journey through the eyes of a somewhat precocious living his days through the Occulus spectrum, as so many of us may be doing in the future. Lending to the notion that ‘life is not a dream, but a game’ gives the viewer something subtle yet deep to ponder as the video progresses through each round of normal life. The underlying message is truly rude, with audio.

About Rude Audio
Rude Audio is proud to announce their new ‘Rude Redux’ EP, slated for release on October 8, 2018, through Zirkus Records. Featuring five tracks, this new release sees the band refine their trademark sound, and fusing their love of woozy dub with throbbing electronics. Here, house music, flecked with Arab and Indian vibes, also shamelessly cavorts with dub.

Ahead of this release, Rude Audio present the lead track ‘To The Sun’, complete with a new virtual reality-inspired video, directed by Ali Ingle. This week, Andrew Weatherall also just premiered two tracks from the new EP on his radio show.

Rude Audio is a South London-based collective with a history of putting on fantastic underground parties, releasing the occasional dubby Balearic opus, engineering for the disparate likes of Paul Weller, Lemon Jelly, and Royal Blood and generally mooching about anywhere that doesn’t have bouncers or operate a dress code.

The core of the collective are Mark Ratcliff (whose releases have been played by the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Laurent Garnier, Kris Needs, Don Letts, Graeme Park and Rob de Bank, as well as BBC Radio 6’s Nemone and Gideon Coe), Owain Lloyd (mixing engineer for everyone from Oakenfold and Weller to Niall Horan) and Dave [The Rave] Brennan (ex-The End recordings and key player at tech house dons’ label, Bombis).

The EP represents a progression from Rude Audio’s latest ‘Rudest’ EP. More hooks, more chug, and more Middle Eastern and Indian influences, while retaining an underlying commitment to the dubby end of the spectrum. Inspired by the more open-minded dancefloors proliferating in the south and east London, where world music might brush up against techno, dub and indie dance, the ‘Rude Redux’ EP operates between 108 and 120 BPM – fast enough to dance to, slow enough to let the music breathe.

Inspired by the new, eclectic, lower BPM spirit found on more discerning south and east London dancefloors in recent years, the ‘Rude Redux’ EP has allowed Rude Audio to bury into its abiding love of dub, leftfield house, and middle eastern sounds and weld everything to a chunky four-to-the-floor anchor.

The Rude Audio sound takes dub and house as its starting point and heads out into analog electronic waters, where the chuggy, Balearic spirit of the early 90s progressive house meets its more modern, low slung counterpart – think A Love From Outer Space, indie dance and nu disco.

“Whenever we are producing and getting excited by our output, we always insist that things sound as good as early Future Sound Of London singles and remixes. More broadly, we continue to be inspired by the more open and eclectic dancefloors of the early 90s and their spiritual counterparts today. Long may the Balearic spirit continue to resonate,” says Mark Ratcliff.

This EP includes a remix by Rich Lane, one of the best underground remixers and producers in the UK electronic music. His tunes are spun by all the key players in the new Balaeric scene – Andrew Weatherall, Sean Johnson, Daniel Avery and Logan Fisher. His sound has spread across dancefloors such as A Love From Outer Space with some of his recent remixes already considered classics.

“Rich Lane’s remix of ‘Steady State’ is our favorite remix of the last 5 years, and his remix of our own ‘To The Half Moon’ is right up there alongside it, in our humble opinion,” says Ratcliff.

Rude Audio continues their residency at Flaxonptootch in Kentish Town, London, the first Thursday of every month, where art shows mutate into parties later in the evening. He is joined by an extra special guest this September.

Rude Audio will host a launch party for the EP in mid-October supported by some special guests, more detail to follow.

“Absolutely loving this, thats brand new and extremely good for you”
– Don Letts, BBC 6

“This is indeed amazing – this is Rude Audio”
– Andrew Weatherall

“Insofar as modern players on the electronic music scene go, Rude Audio number among the most dynamic, stirring the pot to concoct blends that transcend sub-genre, weaving brilliant ethnic hues into their musical fabric”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“Rude Audio might not be a household name in the electronic music world, but it may just become one if they continue making music of this caliber… a seamless hypnotic Balaeric spell”
– Overblown Magazine