Some artists need no introduction. And, if you insist, let ‘Goddess Gang’ be that introduction for Sa-Roc. The rhymes are tight and the might is right in the new video for that aforementioned track. This has the toughness and roughness necessary in order to stand in front of the crowd that is an evergrowing genre. Sa-Roc rhymes with the intent of that new type of leadership the world needs and not only raises the bar, but jumps over it. Bravo!

About Goddess Gang
Goddess Gang is the ultimate squad anthem of 2018. “Goddess Gang” barrels through staid interpretations of femininity and turns respectability politics on its head with a spitfire lyrical cadence and 808 heavy track reminiscent of the dopest HBCU marching band. Throughout the Sol Messiah produced banger, Sa-Roc rejects conventional expectations of female rappers so prevalent within the industry, demanding to be judged not on her appearance, but lyrical skill alone. At one point she rhymes, “Beauty irrelevant, this is not pageants. I’m a rap dragon. Every time I open my trap its fire and your outlook ending up tragic”, warning all who underestimate her talent to beware.

The video, directed by Tommy Nova, symbolically employs color-saturated visuals to both engage the viewer and to illuminate the faces of women that have long been rendered invisible from historical narratives, religious iconography, and traditionally gendered career roles. The song perfectly punctuates this imagery with jarringly bright horns and staccato percussion, challenging the world to prepare for a future defined by our own terms. To put it plainly, it’s a certified bop. Only one thing remains in question. You ready?

About Sa-Roc:
Sa-Roc has carved out her own lane through a combination of airtight wordplay and intelligent concepts. Over the course of her illustrious career, she’s released a series of independent releases, performed alongside the likes of Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, and Atmosphere, and she’s one of the few MC’s to perform regularly as a featured artist with The Roots, all around the country. Sa-Roc landed an underground hit in 2014 with “The Who?” featuring David Banner before signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment. In 2017, she delivered a fiery cameo on “We Got This” from Brother Ali’s All The Beauty In This Whole Life LP, before joining him as direct support on his Own Light Tour across North America, which she followed with an unforgettable performance to an audience of over 30K at Soundset Festival.

Then she made waves in 2018 with the release of her newest single, “Forever”, quickly racking up 400k streams on Spotify and over 1M views on YouTube. She also appeared William Feagins Jr.’s film, The Possibility Of Her, this year–a feature-length documentary that highlights 12 women of color who are actively involved in non-traditional careers or passions, echoing many of the same obstacles overcome by Sa-Roc in her own career.

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10.17.18,Paris, FR,Bizz’art,
10.18.18,Leipzig, DE,Conne Island,
10.19.18,Zürich, CH,Rote Fabrik,
10.21.18,Berlin, DE,Yaam,
10.25.18,Hamburg, DE,Stellwerk,
10.26.18,Bremen, DE,Lila Eule,
10.30.18,Copenhagen, DK,Loppen,
10.31.18,Oslo, NO,Revolver,
11.02.18,Ljubljana, SI,Hala Gala,
11.03.18,Helsinki, FI,Nosturi,
11.08.18,Weinheim, DE,Café Central,
11.09.18,Vienna, AT,Weltmuseum Wien,
11.10.18,Münster, DE,Skaters Palace,