This is one beautifully crafted, well thought out song. It gripped me from the intro guitar riff. It has a haunting overtone while carrying an almost dreamlike rhythm to it that captivates and inspires. It really is “like nothing else”.

'Like Nothing Else' cover
‘Like Nothing Else’ cover

About Scott Swain
Scott Swain has been playing in bands for almost a decade, and has achieved relative success with this: from supporting Biffy Clyro back in the day, to being featured in Kerrang! Magazine.

However it wasn’t until his main band took a hiatus in 2016 that Scott decided to launch a solo project. Influenced by the likes of Elliot Smith, Mark Lanagan, and cult cinema, Scott’s music aims to combine haunting harmonies with provocative melodies, disarming listeners along the way.

Live he is raw: just vocals and an acoustic guitar. In the studio, however, he recruits a small band of reprobates to add some serious color and angst to the songs.

Scott’s main two bands are How to Dress a Monster and Fire at Night. He is therefore likely to be playing live at least a few times a month and always happy to meet new people and chat about bands, music, and/or films.

About “Like Nothing Else”:
Scott says: “This song is written about the film ‘Event Horizon’. I remember being blown away when I first saw this film. It’s a slow burner, in so far as it take some time for things to get going (essential for the tension to build), but when it does get going things go from intense to just damn dark!

Enlightenment is always sold to us as a positive thing which arises from discipline, dedication, and peaceful reflection; in this film however, Dr Weir (Sam Neil) gains enlightenment through utter darkness, from literally going to hell and coming out on the other side.

The mistake he makes, in my opinion, is letting this darkness consume and control him. We all have darkness in us – call it thanatos if you want – however we don’t have to let this eat us up and destroy us”.