Seasurfer has released their new video for the track titled ‘Pretend’ from their album ‘Zombies’. Dark electro-moodswing permeates into a mass of music ominous with a dreampop dream that reflects the glorious days of the dream and captures that essence that is shoegaze.

About Seasurfer

Seasurfer is from Hamburg, Germany addicted to creating their very own sound out of tons of reverb, delay, and fuzz. They don’t sound like your typical German band, and they release their darker dreampop on the US label, Saint Marie. Bandleader Dirk Knight was in the so called “Heavenly Voices” scene with his former band Dark Orange on the German cult-label HYPERIUM in the 90’s, working with guys like Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins.

Compared to DARK ORANGE, Seasurfer is noisier (in a good way), and their debut-album “Dive In”, released in 2014 on Saint Marie, caused a stir in the shoegaze scene all around the world. Their 2nd album, 2017’s “Under the milky way… who cares”, also on Saint Marie, is yet another piece of groundbreaking shoegaze. The band supported the record with several club and festival shows in Germany that same year.

Following the great success of Seasurfer’s “Zombies”, the third album of the Hamburg-based dream pop duo will see a subsequent LP release in August 2021 via Reptile Music. The limited vinyl edition comes up with 12 tracks incl. singles “SOS”, “Lovers Breakdown, “Venusberg” and a previously unreleased mix of “Too Wild”. Pre-order has started now:

Still available is the limited Double CD edition which exclusively contains the mini-album “The Dreampop Days” feat. Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera).

To celebrate the upcoming vinyl release, Seasurfer are presenting another video from “Zombies”.

The clip for the song “Pretend” was edited by French artist JH Rochereuil (who already directed the stunning video for the lead single “SOS”).

Songstress Apolonia explains: “It’s one of my favorites. Humans ‘pretend’ all the time – sometimes unconsciously, sometimes not. Playing make-belief, behaving one way, yet feeling the opposite. In relationships, in politics for imaginary excitement or simply survival. There was something hypnotic about Dirk’s first instrumental version that caught me immediately, so the words shot straight out of me. I love when that happens: when the music, the lyrics and later the visuals become one. The video director JH Rochereuil also understood the atmosphere of the song perfectly.”