Music with clear and precise hooks backed by powerful beats and a simple yet surreal rhythm are all hallmarks of EDM, Electropop, and so on. ShapeShiftingAliens achieve that and more with a shifting bliss most acts struggle with when not taking the simple road of theory. ‘Showing My Face’, the new track by the Swedish duo consisting of Niklas Rundquist and J.P Cleve, gives visual fantasy to the hook-laden track via marvelous greenscreen and hypnotic creativity.

About ShapeShiftingAliens
ShapeShiftingAliens is a Swedish duo, consisting of Niklas Rundquist and J.P Cleve on vocals. Together they create music and unusual and eccentric videos. Their inventive approach appealed to Nolan Cook of The Residents, leading them to collaborate with one another on ‘Shadows’, the final track from their 2017 eponymous album.

Rundquist and Cleve met when they were both working with Iodine Jupiter. Cleve is a producer and composer, live musician and studio musician (guitar) for artists and film, as well as touring and performing. Inspired by various film music composers and especially horror films, their music has also been influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Goldfrapp, Air, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, and Massive Attack.

In the early 80s, Rundquist participated on Lustans Lakejer‘s first record and performed with The Leather Nun. Since then he has been composing music for films, documentaries and commercials (i.e. the vignette for Sandrew Metronome) and has created music for Cirkus Cirkör, Iodine Jupiter, and various artists on the London scene. Today, Rundquist is once again part of The Leather Nun (on violin) and stands behind Brainshadow.

ShapeShiftingAliens signed to Swedish indie label The Sublunar Society in 2016. Since that time, they have released three singles – ‘Just a Boy’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Cut To The Bone’ – followed by their full-length ‘ShapeShiftingAliens’ LP.

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The Sublunar Society is a record label and publishing company, founded by Marie Lundvall and Peder Bjoerk in 2013. Sublunar releases music and publishes literature for the international and national markets. The company also produces exclusive limited edition art products for collectors. The guiding spirit behind The Sublunar Society is one of artistic freedom and creative exploration beyond the conventional.

The ‘Showing My Face’ single is now available across online stores and streaming platforms, as well as through The Sublunar Society’s own Bandcamp.

“It’s easy to recall David Bowie and Tin Machine upon listening to this, as well as the wonderful compositions between Angelo Badalamenti and Trent Reznor for David Lynch‘s Lost Highway soundtrack, not to mention Brian Eno at his most upbeat and Moby. There’s even a dash of Underworld in their less hallucinogenic moments. This is superb and addictive – one of the better tracks of 2018 thus far”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“A perfect example of how electronic pop should be: Elegant and musically wide”
– The Noise Journal

“Heady, intoxicating and slightly surreal, this is dance music for the outsider set”
– Dancing About Architecture

“The progeny of Nick Cave, Tindersticks, Einstürzende Neubauten, Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails with its own unique and distinctive style, dressed in black with an arched eyebrow and a sense of theatre”
– Backseat Mafia