As the track starts out with the almost mesmerizing vocals of Conor McKenzie-Wilde, Sittin’ Pretty blast the doors off with “Twenty Four Seven”, which may very well be the most rock tinged blues track I’ve ever heard. This song is literally like a heavily modernized track that started it’s life on one of the first three Led Zeppelin albums while keeping every aspect of it’s originality intact. My first thought, and forgive the language here, was “Holy shit these guys get it!” Lewis Grounds and Cameron Gavin are a guitarist’s guitarist. Plain and simple. And the rhythm section of George Brown (bass) and Sayon Beaufort-Harwood (drums) bring a backbeat as if from the Gods of Thunder themselves. Bringing and original track filled with such angst and heart while staying true to your roots is a very hard thing. Ask any musician.

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About Sittin’ Pretty:
A young band of rare intensity, sharp blues and atmospheric vocals, Sittin’ Pretty are a rock n’ roll quintet that are defying convention amongst their musical peers.

Notorious in the North West of England for their passionate, electrifying performances, Sittin’ Pretty are about to take the next level and release their hugely anticipated debut EP ‘24-7’.

Having grown up together in the seemingly uninspiring industrial town of Bolton, the band spent countless nights in a dilapidated garage solidifying their friendship and style of music they thought people should hear.

With a bucket load of determination, endless hours of hard work and several gallons of ale, Sittin’ Pretty have surpassed the expectations of their musical peers and fans with crowd pleasing performances.

These include headlining the infamous Ducie Bridge on its final night and sell out gigs at the Rock Café and Terry Christian’s Northern Road Show.

“This was a celebration of a band preparing to go to the next level.” Martin Unsworth

“Good days indeed. Sittin’ Pretty are Boltonian and, to their credit, it showed. How their parochial naturalness seemed to rage hard against tiresome Manc cliché. If nothing else, a breath of fresh air although one hopes for future glories.
Enjoyable and thrilling to the final sharpened riff.” Mick Middles.

Conor McKenzie-Wilde – Vocals
Lewis Grounds – Lead Guitar
Cameron Gavin – Rhythm Guitar
George Brown – Bass Guitar
Sayon Beaufort-Harwood – Drums

Recorded at Blue Print Studios; Salford
Produced by Steven Wilson Jnr
Engineered by Gary Hadfield (The Courteeners, Elbow, The Stereophonics, The Twang, Justin Timberlake)

11th December Retro Bar – Manchester