Skyfever is back with their raucous and original sound in the form of their new video titled ‘Burning Hands’. The video is a somewhat ritualistic ride through the netherworld with a sick duo of gritty guitars and that monstrous voice that literally says ‘HEY IT’S SKYFEVER! RECOGNIZE!’. Enough said.

Their new single ‘Burning Hands’ is available now from all digital stores.

About Skyfever & ‘Burning Hands’

Fresh from playlisting at stadiums in the Premier League, NHL, and NFL, Skyfever releases their new single “Burning Hands”. Bold, brash and belting, this marks a shift in the bands’ sound. The rock roots are still there, but with added swagger and synth. Inspired by the mental health movement, “Prometheus Rising” and “Game of Thrones”, it was written in one night and celebrated for the rest of it. With zero fear and total belief, the very mantra when creating Burning Hands was “This is what confidence sounds like”.

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Skyfever sound like a band who knows who they are, but more importantly, where they are going!

Skyfever is a rock band from Ireland poised to breakthrough in a big way in the coming months. A breath of fresh air is needed in rock music and they are a band who utterly over-deliver on this.

Not only have their songs featured across various alternative shows, rock stations, and college radio, but they have also playlisted at important games in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the UK Premier League. As a result, many DJ’s refer to their music as “epic and colossal”.

They can even count on famous names like Alice Cooper and Chris Slade of AC/DC as fans so far. Skyfever’s response? … “Let’s keep going…we want more!”