Slag Queens release their new video for the track titled ‘Waterfall’ from the new compilation album titled ‘Typical Girls Vol. 5’ via Emotional Response Records. A beautifully sonically dissonant track, Slag Queens delivers that alt-angst via sheer talent and aggressiveness not normally reserved for the studio.

The video is a monstrous manic-mess giving stark visuals that perfectly fit the track at hand via the wonderful attitude and off-center camera work done in a modern noir style that may seem out of place with most music but fits here perfectly. Creativity has a new ally.

About Slag Queens Various – ‘Typical Girls Vol. 5’

“Who invented the Typical Girl?” The Slits gleefully proclaimed as they attacked sexual stereotypes way back in 1979. There are no typical girls. Just remarkable women making remarkable music, as this compilation highlights.

VOLUME FIVE of the ever-popular series, featuring 16 of the world’s greatest current female-fronted punk and indie bands from around the globe.

Featured image by Rcstills.