Solemn Brigham has released his new video for the track titled ‘Dirty Whip’. That sweetly smooth sensation when you’ve entered the club of cool and are about to sip that Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac and light that Davidoff and enjoy the life you deserve yet still have that itch in your ass to cause a ruckus and raise some hell. Torn between two worlds of success and excess you realize its the journey that defines you. Not the rewards. This is how I define Solemn’s music.

“This song is an ode to someone who carried me and provided for me during tough times. When I was broke you helped me find a way and, when I was reckless, you helped keep me safe. To my Dirty Whip and all dirty whips alike, I’ll always ride for you!”

About Solemn Brigham

Solemn is uniquely equipped to animate each of these relics with the specificity they deserve. The rapper, whose work with his fellow North Carolinian, L’Orange, as the duo Marlowe has been critically acclaimed, is one of the most vocally acrobatic working today, able to contort himself into a dizzying array of different flows and inflections, accomplishing alone the sort of musical variety that sprawling collectives try and fail to achieve.

Across its 14 songs, South Sinner Street argues for Solemn Brigham as one of the most exciting artists in underground hip-hop, a technical virtuoso who also happens to be one of the genre’s most surprising, most deeply personal songwriters. The album evokes the feeling of climbing onto a house’s roof to survey the nearly-burning city around you, with all the peril that entails––but also all the possibility.