Today we have an exclusive double premiere from Space Summit in the form of their two new videos titled ‘Life This Way’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Keys’. I will start this article off by saying I have absolutely no idea how Marty Willson-Piper and Jed Bonniwell get any sleep. I was in attendance at their album listening party via Zoom last week and, I have to say, the new album, ‘Life This Way’, is a monster. In every sense of the word. This is a future classic. It’s an album that you can just hit play on or drop the needle and let it run because its an audio experience.

And, with the addition of these two videos along with the other videos released for the album so far, one can say that Space Summit is creating an anthology. These videos flow together like chapters of a book you simply cannot put down.

The video for ‘Life This Way’ evolves as it unfolds. Smooth and easy with a lucid combination of prog from the past and today’s most artful and original music. Take from that what you will, but this video will capture your eyes as the song enters your heart.

With visuals and lyrical references to London throughout as well as a penchant for the Mersey sound, ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Keys’ is a true homage in the fact that it was clearly written with love and takes that certain sound, in all its original wonder and updated inspiration, and takes a track and video and marries them to the footage with a family home movie style and becomes a future classic.

‘Life This Way’ (the album), releases September 10th.

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About ‘Life This Way’ (Album)

Space Summit is a collaboration between the ubiquitous Marty Willson-Piper (ex-the church) and Minneapolitan Jed Bonniwell. Writing the music together, Marty handles the luminescent electric guitars and the bass whilst Jed is in charge of lead vocal duties and lyrics. The album is produced by Marty and producer/engineer Dare Mason who also plays keyboards. Phoebe Tsen sings harmony vocals, Olivia Willson-Piper plays the strings and Eddie John the drums. All the usual suspects from recent Noctorum and MOAT projects make an appearance, with the exception of Phoebe who lives in Borneo, yes, really!

Space Summit’s music was conceived in cyberspace – and was recorded in America, Borneo, Sweden and the UK. The music created on Space Summit’s debut album by Jed and Marty is simultaneously modern and classic dreampop –the subtle shading of dark and light with layered, sonic textures on every track. This album is one of the fascinating results of Marty’s Sessioneer Series, where he works with discovered collaborators from around the globe on new musical ideas.

Space Summit started as discussions around music and guitar technique in 2013 and eventually flourished into songwriting and musical collaboration. Marty would provide some musical sketches, chords or riffs – Jed would then add lyrics and additional musical ideas, and each song would continue to evolve back and forth until a complete demo had been created – finally taking the songs into the studio to record them with other musicians. With touring coming to a halt in 2020, the lockdown provided the time needed to bring this album to completion.