Swansea Sound has given us the absolute privilege of premiering what this world so desperately needs at this very moment: a live show! What makes this show so very, very special is the fact that this is purely from the perspective of the audience. Capturing every moment from the perspective of those in the crowd. Each song captured in it’s own unique live environment, as they were meant to be heard. And what makes this such a breath of fresh air is that this not only gives me that tingly feeling when I see a great band live, but it fills my heart with hope. We are leaving the pandemic behind. No matter what you hear or see on the news. Life is going on. And, people are enjoying it. They are into that sound. That live sound. That Swansea Sound!

About The Show…

Swansea Sound play six songs from their debut album ‘Live At The Rum Puncheon’, live at Rough Trade East, London, 10 December 2021.

Filming was by audience members. On their phones, for their own personal use. They didn’t know we would ask them to send in their snippets, or that they would be used in this way.

The film is scruffy, witty, anti-corporate fun. Just like the band itself.

Swansea Sound live are: Hue Williams, Ian Button, Rob Pursey, Robert Rotifer and Amelia Fletcher. They are playing more shows in 2022:

  • Friday 4th February – Bristol, Zed Alley
  • Saturday 5th February – Newport, Le Pub
  • Friday 18th February – St Leonards, The Piper
  • Saturday 19th February – London, Hope and Anchor
  • Friday 4th March – Manchester, The Talleyrand
  • Saturday 5th March – Leicester, Firebug

The album was released on 19th November 2021 by:
SKEP WAX (Vinyl, CD, Bandcamp)

In North America, it is released by:
HHBTM (Vinyl, CD)

In Indonesia, it is released by:

In Japan, it is released by:

The album will not be released on streaming sites.

You can buy the album here: https://linktr.ee/skepwax or www.swanseasound.bandcamp.com.