Sweet Imperfections has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Gently Not Judgingly’. Written from the perception of a person in the state of rare reflectiveness, ‘Gently Not Judgingly’ gives a much needed perspective on the current state of affairs. The lyrics state the painfully obvious in that we need to listen not loathe and relate not berate.

The video is a lovingly crafted masterpiece that may end up as a timestamp for the last few years. Everyone has a voice, yes, but everyone also has a responsibility. The voice is but a tool for that responsibility. Do we use it to right wrongs? Right the wrongs in us? Or simply write more wrongs. This is a song and video that touched me personally. Thank you, Bri.

About ‘Gently Not Judgingly’

This song during the “Black Lives Matter” movement over the summer with a desire to help make this Country feel loved again and hopefully heal the deep divide between our people. Gently not Judgingly is calling out to us too; “Take a walk in my shoes and you will see, you’re not that much different from me”. We wanted to inspire people to understand and sympathize with our differences instead of condemning and judging people. We believed it’s time for real change.

About Sweet Imperfections

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer songwriter Bri Schillings and a collective of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers. From a child Bri was drawn to music early, feeling the connectivity and energy between nature and sound. Following this magnetic pull, she found herself picking out melodies she had heard on different instruments and remembers feeling that awe and magic, as if she had unlocked a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and where she learned what love was. Her relationship continued to bloom, she explored any instrument she could and found each instrument had its own voice and would write its own song. She loves sitting down with music and saying ”Let’s go on an adventure’ and let heart, hand and voice flow”.

She began with Violin but quickly moved to cello and its warm earthy tones. She attributes her ability to play by ear while playing a string instrument and she acquired an audio-graphic memory. With no real musical training besides Elementary and High school Music class, Bri continued to develop her instrumental voice, writing all original pieces without boundaries or limitations. Bri started journaling daily from the age of 11 and at 12 years old she began weaving her writings into her music. At the age of 15 she wrote her first complete song on the piano called, Waking Up. It is as if that 15 year old me was sending a message to my future self. “Music is my first language,” she says, “It connects us and conveys the feelings I cannot express through words alone. It has been my greatest form of communication”.

Bri is as fun as she is funky and as playful as she is deeply connected and spiritual. She feels that music has the power to heal through what she calls “soul vitamins”, Bri has a profoundly strong connection to music and feels, “The freedom I discovered when I began to sing and write original songs not only became an outlet for the most challenging times in my life, it was my best friend, when there was no one else to turn to, music held me, inspired me, healed me, music loved me and taught me how to love myself. I write, sing and play songs that are born from the heart. They are not just of me but through me and I want music to be the conduit of heart vibrations that heal myself and hopefully others”.

Bri’s seductive and powerful voice will hold you in a warm embrace and take you on a journey where the heart and the soul meet.

“We are Music, each with our own unique inner melody. As we grow and form our Identity in life, we learn to express our inner heart song through a plethora of learned and labeled mediums“.
Bri Shillings