The Chimpz has today premiered their new video titled ‘Corrupt’. The Chimpz, to me, are the epitome of that stomp, hook-filled rock music that is as timeless as it is catchy. Future classic is what I call it. If I had to say one bad thing about this song and video is that this is a reminder that we are still in a pandemic and CANNOT see a live show in a stadium right now. Please people, lets kill COVID now. For The Chimpz!

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About The Chimpz

Hailing from Los Angeles,CA, The Chimpz have brought their driving, rock hopping genre sound to the masses. THE CHIMPZ are back again and they are celebrating the ten year anniversary of their EP “Who Can I Trust” which was released back in 2011. Recorded, mixed, arranged, and produced by Ryan Green at Crush Recording. They celebrate the anniversary with the release of their new video “Corrupt” filmed at Tiger Lab studios and drone footage by Neal Walter.

About the song:

“The Chimpz are a product of our environment. We live in a Corrupt society where there are no rules. “Bad Apple cause I’m made that way each and every day. it feels natural to say I’m Corrupt”

As a testimony to their drawing power, the band has an enviable roster of sponsors & touring partners including: Harman Kardon, JBL, Soundcraft, AKG, Sabian, Xcel Drumsticks, Pickbay, Schecter, Hustledank, Bolted Spine, Fishman, Eventide, Mogami, Mesa Boogie, Reunion Blues Cases and Sophia Tremolos.