Industrial with rhythm. Heavy with heart. These are but two ways to describe the latest from The Director’s Cuts, a London based dynamic duo consisting of Another Destiny Project creator Peter Pahor and Romance guitarist Jon Hartz-Wild. Taken in the context of modern politics, The Director’s Cuts become a de-facto musical commentary using their creative styling to bring an artistic face to current events, causing your ears to take notice and your mind to take heart. Bravo!



The Director's Cuts
The Director’s Cuts

About The Director’s Cuts
The Director’s Cuts is a London, UK based art/music/video project by director, composer, producer, Peter Pahor ( and singer guitarist & songwriter Jon Hartz wild (facebook.Com/jonhartzwild).

Peter and Jon met in London in summer 2016 and decided to use their influences to generate an alternative project that mix music and video.The pure grunge/hard-rock background in Jon’s vocals together with the industrial/soundtrack style of Peter’s composition and production aims to generate an original and experimental sound that spreads from punchy and powerful tracks to trip/cinematic songs.

Jon’s lyrics about society, emotions and culture combined with peter’s minimal, conceptual and avant-garde videography make the music videos something different from the common way.

The aim of the director‘s cuts is to delivery to the audience a different and alternative project that wants to go out of the cliche’, using a different communication approach, but at the same time keeping strong roots in the classic pop culture.

All the music and videos are released under creative commons attribution non-commercial license and is available for free streaming and download on

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