Family means many different things to many different people. But one thing is the same no matter what that full definition is and that is unity. And unity what is at the base of the song “No Day Off” conveys. Unity in musicianship. Unity in vision. Sammy and Donovan convey that unity with every note. Every lyric. And with the accompaniment of Stevie Rizo, that unity is further solidified.

About The Family
Sammy & Donovan Appah are two blood brothers born to Daniel and Victoria. The brothers grew up in Thornton Heath, Croydon, now known to it’s inhabitants as The 7. Sammy attended Selhurst High School for Boys whilst Donovan attended the Archbishop Lanfranc.

The two brothers quickly became stand-out students in their respective English classes, so much so that Sammy was invited to attend a workshop, in Devon, for gifted writers. Don worked hard to build his own accolades in creative writing & Photography, working alongside the talented photographer Bernard Miller. Encouraged by their in-class successes, Victoria and Daniel implored the two of them to attend university. Sammy attended the University of Greenwich whilst Donovan attended the University of Portsmouth.

The two brothers graduated in their respective fields; however, during this time they became polar opposites of one another. Sammy became a introverted rhyme technician, whilst Don grew into social grandeur as a bold extrovert . However they both agreed that their unused lyrical talent could take them to a place their degrees could not. The Family was born; today, they embark on a dream to improve the lives of everyone close to them through emotive music.


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