The Flashpot Moments (a.k.a. Tim Cawley) have dropped their new video for ‘Give A Shit’ right here on Jammerzine! And we’re proud to show it for many reasons. First off, just listen to the song. It’s a rare thing to listen to a track that is both polished yet retains those rough edges in all of the right places. That is the talent of a true songwriter. And, if you follow The Flashpot Moments, you are well aware that this is a part of that signature sound that is ever maturing and aging like a fine wine.

It is also easy to note that each instrument that makes up the song gets it’s own special attention to the detail like a family full of children being corralled together to create that perfect family moment. And that family includes real-world collaborations including Aimee Mann and Neil Young’s keyboardists, Juliana Hatfield’s drummer, Cheryl Crow’s violinist, and mixing help from folks who have worked on U2, Dinosaur Jr., and Modest Mouse records among others.

‘Give A Sh!t’ can be found on the upcoming release ‘The Chronicles of Sydney and Nathan’, due out May 24th via most platforms.

About The Flashpot Moments
The Flashpot Moments is the longtime studio project of Boston-based singer/songwriter/guitarist/occasional drummer Tim Cawley.

Simultaneously indie and anthemic, this is music that would sound good with sixty- or seventy-odd-thousand fans singing along at, say, Red Rocks or Castle Donington.

The Flashpot Moments’ eponymous first album was played on over 60 independent radio stations in the US and charted for 9 weeks on the Muzooka Independent Radio Charts. Their music has been featured in over 250 network and cable TV shows on channels such as Fox, ABC, Bravo, VH1 and MTV.

The new 10-song album is titled The Chronicles of Sydney and Nathan. Recorded and mixed in Boston, Nashville, Hollywood, New York, Portland, Oregon and Fort Collins, Colorado, the release features players and technicians who’ve worked with the likes of U2, Springsteen, The National, REM, The Hold Steady, Weezer, Decemberists, Manchester Orchestra, Thermals, NOFX, Descendants, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, Beck, Dandy Warhols, Rise Against, Harry Styles, Aimee Mann, Modest Mouse, Wilco, Kelly Clarkson, and Dinosaur Jr.

You know when you’re at a concert, and there’s a big, over-the-top moment in the song – a soaring vocal, a shift in dynamics, a dramatic key change, a crescendo into the final chorus – and the fireworks go off? Those little pyro cannons onstage are called “flashpots.”

“Powerful. Soaring. Eleven instantly catchy tracks.”
– Babysue

“Fun. Upbeat. Expansive. 9-out-of-10 stars”
– Indie Music Review