The Keystones have released their new video for the single titled ‘Time Will Tell’. With summer single written all over this, The Keystones have a bit of fun with the melody with an amped guitar sound and monstrous vocal harmony and a fun video with an ‘Ed Sullivan’ way about it that lets you know the time of isolation is coming to an end.

About The Keystones

The Keystones are an alternative pop trio based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Waukesha, the very same place as the electric guitar, the members of this unique, out-of-the-box group hail from the golden era of grunge guitar, one that’s full of driving tones and hypnotizing garage beats that dance between Brit-indie-rock and new-age modern rock sounds. They aim to make the town they grew up in (nicknamed ‘Guitar City’) proud.

“Well every night and every day I always seem to fall a little short.”

The new single “Time Will Tell” is an indie-pop, feel-good song that gets right to the point from the start. With introspective lyrics, relatable themes of self-doubt, rediscovery, and the unknown journeys the future holds, the band explains, “these lyrics are synonymous to our band as a whole, as our paths have ebbed and flowed. We’ve been through many changes, hardships, and amazing times – but only ‘Time Will Tell’ what’s next.”

The Keystones’ upcoming independent release sets the stage for a new, bright, poppy era for the three-piece. Focusing inwards on their unique individual vocals, this quickly rising indie-alt outfit has rocked out with modern-rock faves like Cleopatrick, Reignwolf and Dirty Honey and are setting the stage for an exciting summer ‘21. This new alt-pop single pairs perfectly with a summer of reconnection, reunion, and release.

After the release of “Time Will Tell”, the band is set to produce several other upcoming singles, influenced heavily by bands like Catfish & The Bottlemen and Royal Blood. Over the course of the next few months, they plan to finish a single with heavy-hitting producer Andrew Baylis.

Featured image by Kelley Curran.