As this video’s somber tone is set I am reminded of all of the mundane, day to day trials and tribulations that each and every one of us must endure every single second of our lives. In a way, the new video for the single “Smiling” from The Mojo Slide gives me comfort when it brings to me the realization that “I’m not the only one…” and we can all use that as a testament that it’s those very mundane times in our lives that make the rewards so much sweeter and the love so much stronger. This is a beautiful song.

The new album from The Mojo Slide, titled “Twist Your Bones” comes out on November 14th.

About The Mojo Slide:
Formed in late 2011, The Mojo Slide are a group of musicians united in their passion for blues inspired alternative rock music. Hailing from Cambridge, St Neots and Cambridgeshire, They write all their own songs and play a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, blues/rock and blues rooted alternative. From the early days of this band they have seriously impressed with their funky blues rock riffs and superb catchy song writing!

SOURCE: Official Bio