Incessant groove and relentless beats give way to the dirt that is the music in this killer track by The Rogue Network titled “Lowland City”.  The grit and grandeur abound with the true meaning of urban plight mixed with musical splendor as the video becomes documentation of the song in all of it’s glory. Bravo!

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About The Rogue Network
The Rogue Network are a contemporary, 3-piece alternative blues band.

Their music is heavily influenced by the blues/soul sounds of the 1970s, but on a background of thick guitars riffs and analogue synths the music has an altogether different and more dynamic feel.

The band has been described as “a blast of contemporary blues, full of carefully crafted songs pumped up by big riffs and driving grooves”.

Against the plethora of indie bands that dominate the UK music scene, The Rogue Network are trying to craft a sound that is different. They’re trying to blend a soulful, retro sound with electronica and a modern edge.

The influences come from far and wide which leads the band to cover a multitude of genres, from reggae to garage rock, but as good songwriting is at the heart of everything this band does, it is always delivered with a strong sense of identity.

But as with all underground artists that try to do something differently, they rarely fit into the typical sub-genres of the mainstream and so the path is often steeper for them and they have to work extra hard to be heard. Such is the case for The Rogue Network and so hard work has become an ethos for the group.

Since their first gig in March 2015 they have recorded a debut EP, received glowing reviews, been a Radio X songwriting competition finalist, appeared on the That’s Manchester! TV channel, played live on BBC Radio Manchester, been selected as a Real XS Future Classic, achieved plays on various UK & International radio stations and played many live gigs.

Currently, they’re recording a new selection of songs and looking forward to building on their reputation into 2016.

The band is partly based in North Wales and partly in South Manchester, where their rehearsal studio is located.

The members are Gerallt Williams (vocals/guitar), Danny Hughes (drums) and Jameson Bell (bass).


“The Rogue Network are a little piece of heaven. Their debut EP is full-on grooves, laid-back guitar riffs and sunshiney vocals, topped up with some fantastically fuzzy bass parts that will reverberate around your eardrums and put a smile on your face. They’ve captured the essence of the blues rock genre in the same way the Black Keys did a couple of years ago – it’s all about the simple, repetitive bass that gets into your soul and lyrics that speak to troubled hearts about nothing but good times” – Scarlett Pares Landells, Manchester Rocks.

“The Rogue Network are my favourite new music discovery of 2015! Their music has a strong identity with the kind of arresting confidence that sparkles in every line. The debut, four-track EP the band have under their belts is a collection of songs ruled by head-grow-dizzy, dirty guitars, thick bass, thunderous drums and impressive songwriting. Once you start listening you’ll realise that there’s something about this record that captures you and makes you fall in love with it” – Olga Polomoshnova, Rock Britain.

SOURCE: Official Bio