The Silhouet has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Plaything’. The Silhouet, a.k.a. Joe Bożek, has that style about him that makes you want to watch, listen, and learn. That quasi mesh of hook, talent, and panache. that seamless meld and mold of James Bond, Dave Gahan, and a suave southside pimp. The subtle attitude and corrosively artistic elements show above and beyond by swimming below the mainstream and allowing his creative identity to shine through like a gritty diamond.

About the Silhouet

With his ambiguous, yet literate, and emotionally intricate songwriting, The Silhouet’s Joe Bożek challenges rock & pop conventions. His love for electronic rock, grunge, indie and pop acts like, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, The Smiths and Phil Collins inspired him to pick up the drums by ear at an early age all while singing simultaneously.

Now strictly a vocalist on stage, his genre-bending songs and productions fuse elements of 90s pop and rock with today’s indie, electronic, and pop in surprising ways.

The Silhouet was born Joe Michael Bożek on the ninth day of November in Chicago, where he lived for ten years. He spent all of his teenage and young-adult years in Mount Prospect, IL where he played drums in various rock bands and took up singing, first as a backup singer on the drums, and then as a frontman.

In 2017, The SIlhouet released his first two EPs, followed by a full-length album in 2019 titled Agent of Change. The Silhouet has created a genre-defying sound with an unmatched passion and vulnerability in his music. The Silhouet identifies as a vocal chameleon, integrating dark yet soulful tenderness with a mix of experimental production. He sings songs of hope, love, affliction, resistance, loss, exploitation, and vengeance as he brings to life his character, The Silhouet.