The Sneaky Nixons have achieved one of the hardest of tasks; Perfectly encapsulating visually what they, time and time again, release sonically. And that is tongue-in-cheek feel good stomp rock with raucous guitars, thumping bass, and pounding beats that never fail to put that punkish smirk on the side of your mouth when you realize that there are still some people in this world that still get it. Bravo!

About The Sneaky Nixons
The Liverpool-based and appropriately named ‘Sneaky Nixons’ champion a sound that is cheeky, punky, and rough around the edges. That being said their production quality is absolutely impeccable.

The band describes themselves as an angry, semi-political, semi-religious, part feminist, part sloppy activist group who play riots, steam train guitar music. The have declared war on electronic dance music, guns, and non-believers of their rock-n-roll escapade. Flashy, Blase and with a startling superiority complex the band has no time for humdrum normality, preferring the out of control, dangerous and volatile and fast paced lifestyle of living in a brutal riotous and rock-n-roll fashion.

Similar to the infamous Rolling Stones, Blur, Oasis and Elvis Presley the band isn’t short of musical influences to be the next huge rock sensation. Having already toured Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Rotterdam the band are beginning to leave their mark globally.

Though the band used fairly little equipment they use intelligence, control and arrangement to created and incredible live performance. Uniquely using slide guitar, a megaphone, whammy bar and of course lighter fluid to set their guitars on fire!