Just when you thought it was safe to go out from having to lock up your daughters, it’s now time to lock up your Sons, as this very brazen duo hit the music scene.

And as if still hot from the press, they are set to melt many a heart and yet stir many emotions as they set fire to not only the stage, but the very device used to air their music. So, with tongue set firmly in cheek, get ready and brace yourself for what will unfold.

Their wild unadulterated performance certainly gets the male population chomping at the bit Live, with pulses racing, as the air is punched profusely, tempting the girls to step it up a gear, which they do every time with the raw brazen style that is, “The Soap Girls”.

Every picture or video I have sourced regarding this duo have all featured a host of male fans with their shirts clearly discarded, either blown clean off their bodies by the sheer volume and attitude on stage or teased off by these temptresses as they flirt your mind into submission. With some very outrageous stage wear, the girls certainly turn heads, and those heads stay turned as soon as they start to perform, leaving mouths gaping at what unfolds right before their eyes.

You need to be prepared at what you will experience at a “Soap Girls” gig as audience participation seems to be the order of the night, and things can get very messy, but all done in the best possible taste as the visuals they create are bespoke to the song of the moment.


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The girls have been performing since the tender ages of nine and ten with music being a big part of their lives in their homeland of South Africa. Here you could easily find them entertaining the masses as they walked past. But the girls weren’t just singing and dancing at that age, they were selling handmade soap for various charities, and almost singing for their supper. Then a chance meeting with a producer, who had been listening to them sing, landed them the chance to record some tracks in a studio. This resulted in one song to be used on a Japanese compilation album.

They continued to perform on the street for a further eight years, and because of this they very quickly gained the hearts of the masses throughout Cape Town. Soon after, and then only aged twelve and thirteen, they had their first real experience in a recording studio, and from there they were hooked. But they weren’t the only ones hooked, so was the music industry, and soon after they were signed to a major label in South Africa, who saw the potential we see and hear today. And so, with a host of songs neatly tucked under their arms the girls threw themselves into their work and gave it everything they had, and to date, they haven’t looked back since.

French born Mie and Millie started their music career professionally in 2007 and by 2011 released a debut album that topped the South African charts. This quickly launched their career and they soon found themselves on stages across America and currently touring the UK.

Mie on guitar and vocals sets the pace beautifully as she powers through every song with a certain style and grace that captivates every audience.

Her biggest musical influences are Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts,Hearts, Nirvana,The Butthole Surfers, Local H and R.E.M and prefers more chilled out melancholy music.

Millie on bass and vocals is influenced by Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson , The Smashing Pumpkins,Korn , Alanis Morrissette ,Hole, Aretha Franklin, Nirvana,Napalm Death and L7 and tends to prefer heavy angry music. This is evident in her performance as she connects with the crowd like a true professional.

Their common ground is grunge, with Nirvana, Alice in Chains and L7 being their biggest influences and with both girls sharing the singing role, this dynamic duo set the standard in their genre.

Although the extreme success the girls have achieved so far may make you think they have just been handed it on a plate, well, this is not completely true as it’s been a long hard road to get to where they are now, with constant battles with studios and record companies in getting their sound heard exactly the way they wanted it. Their unique take in the Rock/pop/punk genre was frowned on by many, and they found themselves being sculpted into what others perceived to be the best for them. This just made the girls stronger and more determined into not only having it their way, but in following their dream to the letter.

Many record companies try and mold you into something you’re not , and with a make or break situation hanging over their heads, they both decided that anything else just wouldn’t be ”The Soap Girls” .

With this determination in mind, they soon found their vision recognized by producer “Charlie Hamilton” who has harnessed their dream to the max and is now taking them every step of the way into achieving their musical goals exactly how they want it, but giving them in complete control of all they do. A prime example of this winning formula is engrained into every inch or this amazing single “Hater”.

In a recent interview, I asked the girls, what is the meaning behind “HATER”, apart from how it’s described in the lyrics, what’s the meaning to you? Their reply was quite simple.

“Along our music career we have dealt with a lot of love and a lot of hatred. The only way we deal with things is to write about them down. We wrote this song from the perspective of a “Hater”, a person that has no ability to love and a person that goes out of their way to destroy someone “.

Along the way Mie and Millie have raised the eyebrows of Jonny Depp and Nicholas Cage, who are keen to help further their career in avenues known to them as actors, which hopefully will lead to some television appearances.

Now left to their own creative devices and totally comfortable in their own skin, the girls have immerged stronger and more powerful than before. But not only mentally, but in their music, and are ready to explode to the nation, blazing a trail around the world. And with this new style firmly set in their performance, and used as a corner stone in their career, the girls can’t possibly fail. The girls have recently played at the Robin 2 in Bilston near Birmingham and are the main support for The Vibrators on the 19th of this month which they are extremely excited about and are now collaborating with the mighty Pete Way which is felt as a complete honor.

Mie and Millie’s passion for life and the music they play simply oozes from them, and their creative flare is evident in everything they do.

As sisters, they are very spiritually connected with each other, which radiates from them even off stage. Their bright and bubbly personalities win the hearts of the nation and their brash, raw, yet honest performance, wins the hearts of the music industry as they tell it as it is, Live and direct.

But amongst all the hustle and bustle of touring and recording in the mad mayhem of the music industry, Mie and Millie like to unwind and relax by getting lost in a forest where they can zero the clock and concentrate on song writing.

The Soap Girls stand for Freedom and non judgement, they write straight from the heart with every song being a real experience, either with themselves or someone close, so every track is very honest.

To see these girls perform Live is a must as they speak from hearts of solid Gold. And what is seen on stage, to what you see of them off stage is so different. For these two soft and gentle souls deserve the very best the music industry can give. My Score …… 9/10

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